„George Bacovia” University in Bacau

Faculty of Economic, Juridical and Administrative Sciences


Invites you to participate in


National Conference with International Participation


DECRET - Edition 5/2019


which will take place on 14 November 2019 at „George Bacovia” University in Bacau


The conference is organized, in partnership with the academic and professional environment, within the Annual Scientific Session of "George Bacovia" University in Bacau, which takes place between November 12-15, 2019, and addresses all persons involved in specific activities to prevent and combat deviance and delinquency, interested persons in conducting exchange of experience, in analysing trends and addressing the challenges of the field such as: researchers, scientists, academics, pre-university teachers, PhD students, master students, judges, prosecutors, policemen, gendarmes, law enforcement officers, psychiatrists, psychologists, experts and other categories of persons working in institutions or organizations whose activities have an impact in preventing and combating deviance and crime.


The overall objective of this conference is to continuously identify trends, trends and perspectives in terms of deviance and crime, as well as to promote and strengthen scientific research centred on the theoretical and practical aspects of everyday life through contributions from academia and the professional environment in the field of deviance and crime from a political, legal, economic, social, psychological, ethical, cultural, forensic, etc. perspective. The conference is organized and held in plenary, three parallel sections, as well as debates in three roundtables.


The sections of the conference are:

  1. Preventing and combating deviance and crime. Integrated Approaches to Evolution, Trends, Impacts and Prospects of Deviance and Crime.
  2. Demand and supply of drugs. Anti-drug enforcement strategies.
  3. Anti-fraud and anti-corruption. Methods and means of preventing, detecting and investigating fraud and corruption.

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Prof. Neculai LUPU, PhD

Organizing Committee Chairman

Associate professor Nelu NIŢĂ, PhD

Phone: +40 741.088.106

Mastacan Mihaela,
Oct 3, 2019, 12:38 AM