Summary and content of communications

Summaries of scientific communications shall be drafted in accordance with the following requirements:

a. Title of the paper: Times New Roman 14, bold;

b. Name and surname of the author: Times New Roman 12 italic;

c. Abstract: Times New Roman 10, Italic, maximum 10 rows;

d. Keywords: 5 keywords separated by commas.


The indicative structure of scientific communication includes:

- Introduction

- 3-4 chapters containing: the description of the problem, the methodology used, the data source and

the results obtained

- Conclusions

- Bibliographical references


The form of scientific communication

The content of the scientific communication will be presented in Romanian and must correspond to the following formal requirements:

a. The pages will be A4, border: top, bottom, left and right of 2 cm;

b. Titles and subtitles will be written in Times New Roman 12, bold, and the text in Times New Roman 12 regular;

c. The distance between rows will be 1.5;

d. Tables and charts will be placed after their mention in the text.

e. The paper will have a maximum of 10 pages.

 In case of publication in the journal "Acta Universitatis George Bacovia.Juridica", an index indexed in international databases (BDI), the paper must be written and sent in Romanian and English.